Neon Cop – Christmas Story

“It is so nice to have you here at the Christmas Building this Christmas,” said Lost Christmas Tree, when he saw Neon Cop approaching the front entrance.

“Thank you,” said Neon Cop. “It is my pleasure to be here.”

“I do hope you enjoy your stay,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I am having a problem with Christmas this year. I feel Christmas is lost to me. I have gifts for all the residents in the Christmas Building but I don’t feel right handing them out. I feel that some of the Storyland characters don’t know the meaning of Christmas and have not done any good deeds this past year. What does Christmas mean to you and what good deed have you done?”

“Christmas, to me, is all about doing good deeds to others,” said Neon Cop. “I help out people I see that are struggling. There are people who do get into trouble and think crime is their last resort. Those people normally regret what they did afterwards. Depending on the severity of the crime they committed, all it takes for some is to give them a good talking to. For some, their own conscience makes them realise what they did was wrong and they will usually steer clear of bad situations. I have helped several people like that this past year and those people have stayed out of trouble.”

“What a wonderful story, ” said Lost Christmas Tree, handing Neon Cop his Christmas gift. “Merry Christmas.”

“Thank you,” said Neon Cop. “Merry Christmas to you too!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Christmas is all about doing good deeds for others.
  • Example: Neon Cop helps criminals who really want to be helped.

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