Right to be Angry

Angry Cat and his sister, Harriet were having a nap in the warm spring sunshine that was coming into the house through the kitchen window. All of a sudden, Angry Cat heard Harriet scream.

“Why are you screaming?” asked Angry Cat angrily, with his eyes still closed. “I was enjoying a nice nap.”

“Please help me!” Harriet screamed frantically. “Cory Virus is on my head and he won’ t get off. I don’t want the coryvirus. I don’t want to get sick.”

Angry Cat immediately woke up and sprung into action, as soon as he heard the name Cory Virus.

“Harriet,” said Angry Cat, sternly. “Stay still. I can help you but I need you to stay still.”

Harriet was terrified of Cory Virus. She had heard stories of what this virus had done to other Storyland characters. However, she also knew that in order for Angry Cat to help her, she knew she had to do as he asked.

“Hold still,” said Angry Cat, pulling his left leg back and then kicking Cory Virus in the butt with it, as hard as he could.

“Oh thank you!” cried Harriet, trying to hug Angry Cat. “You saved my life!”

“Social distancing,” said Angry Cat, brushing Harriet off him.

“Fine,” said Harriet, backing up.

Both cats watched as Cory Virus picked himself up off the floor holding his sore butt and crying. He ran as fast as he could go to get away from Angry Cat and Harriet.


Moral of this Story:

  • We need to pull together and fight this coronavirus.
  • Example: Angry Cat was angry when Cory Virus visited and tried to infect Harriet.

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