Remote Virus

Baby Face Monster took a walk through the forest close to the cave he lived in, with his fiancée, Ellie. It was a beautiful spring day.

“I am enjoying my walk very much,” said Baby Face Monster. “It is a beautiful spring day in this remote forest.”

After his walk, Baby Face Monster was on his way back to his cave when he noticed someone very disturbing talking to Ellie.

“Get away from me you vile creature,” screamed Ellie.

Baby Face Monster went over to where Ellie stood. He saw the vile creature that Ellie referred to. He knew who it was, right away. It was Cory Virus.

“Get away from Ellie,” demanded Baby Face Monster. “She wants nothing to do with you. All you do is go around Storyland spreading that nasty coryvirus wherever you go. Ellie doesn’t want you here. I don’t want you here. I suggest you leave and leave now.”

Cory Virus defiantly stood his ground. He put his hand up to his nose and then slobbered everywhere.

“I’m not leaving,” said Cory Virus, not until every part of this remote area is infected.

“Why are you here?” asked Baby Face Monster. “Ellie and I are the only two that live here. I am never going to allow you to spread your virus on Ellie or I.”

Baby Face Monster waited for the perfect moment and then he kicked Cory Virus in the butt.

Cory Virus ran away, crying and holding his sore butt as he went.


Moral of this Story:

  • Viruses hit everywhere, even in remote areas.
  • Example: Baby Face Monster saw Cory Virus talking to Ellie, his fiancé and wanted nothing to do with him.

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