A Virus Free Song

“Let’s have a virus free time,” sang Billy Troll, while in his music studio, on a rainy spring day. “I am feeling fine and I hope you are too. Let’s have a virus free time.”

Billy heard the door to the studio open. He was expecting his wife, Dianne, so that is who he thought it was.

“What do you think honey?” asked Billy, singing the virus song again, without looking up.

“It stinks,” said a voice he didn’t recognize.

Billy looked up and saw Cory Virus standing in the doorway. Cory Virus is a vile creature in Storyland, who is spreading the nasty coryvirus from one Storyland character to the other.

“Get out of my studio,” yelled Billy angrily, setting his guitar down.

“I want to hear you sing more about me,” said Cory Virus, sticking his hands all over his face and then wiping them on the walls. “But, this time I want you to sing about how vile I am.”

“I don’t want you infecting anyone!” yelled Billy. “Now, get out!”

“Billy,” said Dianne, who just entered the studio. “Who are you yelling at?”

“Oh no!” cried Billy. “Dianne, turn around now and go back up to the house. Lock all doors and windows.”

Dianne didn’t question Billy. She heard the fear in his voice. She knew only one creature could put that amount of fear into him. She knew Cory Virus was in the studio.

“How dare you come into innocent characters homes and places of business to do nothing but try to infect us with your nasty virus?” yelled Billy, once he had heard the studio door close and knew Dianne was going to do as he asked. “I will not have you infecting me or my family!”

Billy stood up from the chair he was sitting on and he kicked Cory Virus in the butt as hard as he could. He watched as Cory Virus scurried out of the studio, crying and holding his sore butt as he went.

Billy, immediately took a bottle of disinfectant and wiped down his walls and door handles. He then went into the house to make sure Dianne was okay.

“I am fine,” said Dianne. “I was terrified for you.”

“I have to say that it felt good to kick that vile creature in the butt,” said Billy.

“I am just glad he is gone,” said Dianne.

“The pleasure, the joy,” sang Billy, later that night, while back in the studio. “We need to stand strong and kick that coryvirus in the butt.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We need to stand strong against this coronavirus.
  • Example: Billy Troll sang a song about how Storyland characters need to stand strong to fight the coryvirus that is plaguing them.

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