Tiki Bug’s Autumn Smile

Five year old, Stephanie was playing in the park. It was a blustery autumn day and Stephanie was cold. She saw her mother talking to her neighbour and didn’t want to disturb her. She walked over to the picnic table they were sitting at and she grabbed her jacket.

While putting her jacket on, she noticed a strange looking bug sitting on the picnic table. It was a very colourful bug. Stephanie took off her shoe was going to swat it.

“Don’t!” screamed the bug. “Don’t swat me. I am a good bug. I am here to help you.”

“You talk!” exclaimed Stephanie, surprised.

“Yes Stephanie,” said the bug. “I can talk. I am a special bug.”

“How do you know my name?” asked Stephanie.

“I just do,” said the bug. “I was sent here to help you. My name is Tiki Bug.”

“Tiki Bug,” repeated Stephanie. “I like that name.”

“Thank you,” said Tiki Bug. “I like it too.”

Stephanie bent over to put her shoe back on and when she did, she fell and scraped her knee. She started to cry.

Tiki Bug went over to her to console her but she wouldn’t stop crying.

“Do you like ice-cream?” asked Tiki Bug.

Stephanie nodded her head but continued to cry.

“Well,” said Tiki Bug. “That was foolish of me. It is much too cold for ice-cream.”

“Yes it is,” said Stephanie, still crying.

“Do you like warm apple pie?” asked Tiki Bug.

Stephanie nodded her head up and down but was still crying.

“What about autumn leaves?” asked Tiki bug. “Do you like jumping in a pile of leaves?”

Tiki Bug almost saw a smile on Stephanie’s face.

“I almost got you to smile,” said Tiki Bug. “I like jumping in the autumn leaves too. When I jump in the leaves though, I get lost in them.”

“That is silly,” said Stephanie, finally smiling. “How can you get lost in the leaves?”

“It is because I am so small,” said Tiki Bug. “I end up getting buried in them.”

“Oh dear,” thought Stephanie. “That would not be good.”

Mother came over to the picnic table and saw Stephanie talking to Tiki Bug. She also noticed that Stephanie had been crying.

“Who is your friend?” asked Mother. “And why were you crying?”

“This is Tiki Bug,” said Stephanie. “I fell and scraped my knee and was crying. Tiki Bug made me smile.”

“Thank you for looking after her for me,” said Mother. “I really appreciate it.”

“You are welcome,” said Tiki Bug.

Seeing that Stephanie was okay now, Tiki Bug flew away.

“Goodbye Tiki Bug,” Stephanie waved.

“Goodbye,” said Tiki Bug.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have someone watching out for you.
  • Example: Tiki Bug attaches himself to Stephanie and he watches out for her.
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