Sunflower Suzie Helps Mama Acorn

“It is a nice autumn day,” said Sunflower Suzie. “I think I will go for a walk.”

“You go ahead,” said George, her husband. “I have a few things to do. I will catch up to you in a few minutes.”

“Okay,” said Sunflower Suzie, giving George a kiss.

Sunflower Suzie walked through the park and she started walking toward a big oak tree. She stood at the base of the tree enjoying the autumn beauty. She heard a commotion on a branch above her and then she saw an acorn fall. Sunflower Suzie held out her leaf and she was able to catch the acorn before it hit the ground.

“Thank you,” said the acorn.” You just saved my life. My name is Mama Acorn. I fell off my branch. I need to get back up there. My husband and baby are going to be looking for me.”

“Well,” said Sunflower Suzie.” My name is sunflower Suzie. My husband, George, is on his way here. I am sure he will be able to help you more than I can. Since I am a sunflower, I am limited in what I can do.”

“Is your husband a sunflower as well?” asked Mama Acorn.

“No,” said Sunflower Suzie. “One sunflower in our family is enough.”

“How come you are a sunflower?” asked Mama Acorn.

“Believe it or not,” said Sunflower Suzie. “I was a human. I loved sunflowers and would give people in our neighbourhood advice on how to grow better sunflowers. One morning, I woke up and then I looked in the mirror, I saw that I had turned into a sunflower.”

“Wow,” said Mama Acorn. “That must have been tough.”

“It was tough at first,” said Sunflower Suzie. “However, I have learned to love myself and accept myself for who I am.”

“You are very brave,” said Mama Acorn.

“Thank you,” said Sunflower Suzie. “Oh, look, here comes my husband, George.”

George helped Mama Acorn get back up to her branch with her family.

“Thank you to you and your wife, Sunflower Suzie,” said Mama learn. “You both are very kind.”

“It was our pleasure to help you,” waved George and Sunflower Suzie, walking away.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to love yourself.
  • Example: Sunflower Suzie has learned to love herself after being turned into a sunflower.
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