Lucky Leprechaun’s Bad Day

Lucky Leprechaun woke up on St. Patrick’s Day but he didn’t feel rested. He was very tired. He went to bed early the night before but he was so excited about St. Patrick’s Day that he couldn’t sleep.

Lucky Leprechaun went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, hoping that would wake him up.

“Gee,” said Lucky Leprechaun’s mother. “You look tired.”

“I am,” said Lucky Leprechaun.

“Me too,” said Lucky’s mother, who was washing the dishes. “I didn’t sleep well either.”

Lucky Leprechaun went to get dressed. He couldn’t find his shoes anywhere.

“Mother,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “I can’t find my St. Patrick’s Day shoes.”

“Well I thought you put them by the door last night,” said mother, drying her hands off on the towel.

“I was sure I did,” said Lucky.

“This is not good,” said Mother. “A leprechaun cannot go anywhere on St. Patrick’s Day without his shoes.”

Mother and Lucky searched the whole house for Lucky’s shoes. They were nowhere to be found. Lucky was very upset and Mother was close to tears. A leprechaun losing his shoes is very superstitious and it means they could lose their fortune of gold for the next seven years.

“What is all the commotion about?” asked Father Leprechaun, coming into the kitchen with a pair of shoes in his hands.

“My shoes!” exclaimed Lucky.

“I took them out and shined them up for you,” said Father.

“Oh dear!” cried Mother. “Thank you so much.”

“You didn’t think the shoes were lost did you?” asked Father.

Neither Lucky nor his Mother wanted to admit that they thought Lucky’s shoes were lost but they also could not lie to Father.

“Well we kind of thought so,” said Mother, wanting to change the subject. “Come on now Father. Come and eat breakfast.”

Father went to eat his breakfast and after breakfast went to get his own St. Patrick’s Day shoes on but he couldn’t find them. He searched the whole house for them and was getting very annoyed.

“Lucky,” said Father. “Have you seen my shoes?”

“I shined them for you,” said Lucky. “They are right here.”

“Oh thank you very much,” said Father.

“You are welcome,” smiled Lucky. “You didn’t think they were lost did you?”

“For a few minutes,” said Father, who couldn’t lie either. “Yes, I did.”

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