Christmas Angel and the Homeless Man

It was a cold Christmas morning in Calgary, Alberta. Christmas Angel appears in a park. She saw an old man sitting on a park bench. He was crying.

“He must be the reason I am here,” said Christmas Angel to herself as she looked around the park. “He is the only one that is here. I need to find out how I can help him have a happy and merry Christmas.”

“Sir,” said Christmas Angel, approaching the park bench. “Why are you crying?”

“I am very sad,” said the old man. “It is Christmas Day and my family doesn’t care about me. I am so lonely.”

“Where are your family?” asked Christmas Angel.

“There,” said the old man, pointing to the house across the street.

“What is your name?” asked Christmas Angel.

“My name is James,” said the old man. “They don’t know I am here. They disowned me a few years back over a simple misunderstanding.”

“I see,” said Christmas Angel.

“And, I lost my job a few months ago,” continued James. “I have been living on the streets since.”

“James,” said Christmas Angel. “You wait right here. I will go talk to your family.”

Christmas Angel walked across the street and knocked on the front door. A young woman answered the door.

“Is James your father?” asked Christmas Angel.

“Yes,” said the woman. “I have been searching for him for years. Is he alright?”

“He is sad and lonely and has been living on the streets for the past few months,” said Christmas Angel. “He is sitting in the park across the street.”

The woman grabbed her coat and went across the street with Christmas Angel.

“Daddy!” the young woman cried, running up to him and giving him a big hug.

“Abigail!” cried James.

James and Abigail talked for a few minutes. James told Abigail that he was sorry for what happened between them.

“I am so happy to see you,” said Abigail. “Come over to the house. Your grandson would like to meet you.”

“I have a grandson!” exclaimed James.

“Yes,” said Abigail. “This is his first Christmas.”

“I am so happy for you,” said Christmas Angel.

“Thank you,” said James. “Thank you for all that you have done. Is that a halo on your head? Are you an angel?”

“I am the Christmas Angel,” said Christmas Angel. “I was sent here to make sure that you have a happy and merry Christmas.”

“You have definitely done that,” said James.

“Merry Christmas!” said Christmas Angel.

“Merry Christmas to you,” said James and Abigail, walking across the street, holding hands.

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