Christmas Angel

“I do hope that this Christmas I will be able to help people have a happy and merry Christmas,” said Christmas Angel to herself. “I don’t like to hear that anyone is sad.”

Christmas Angel was born in heaven on Christmas Day. She appears on Earth each Christmas season so that she can make Christmas better.

Christmas Angel was walking down the street on Christmas Day. She heard a child crying. Quickly, she went to where the child was.

“Little girl,” said Christmas Angel. “Why are you crying? What is wrong?”

“My puppy ran away,” the little girl sobbed.

“Oh dear,” said Christmas Angel, consoling the little girl. “What does your puppy look like?”

“He is white with brown spots,” said the little girl. “He has a big black collar on his neck.”

“What is your name?” asked Christmas Angel.

“My name is Rita,” said the little girl.

“You stay right here,” said Christmas Angel. “I will find your puppy.”

“That would be great,” said Rita.

Christmas Angel walked up the street a little way. She saw a playground on the right hand side of the street. She went over to the playground. She saw a group of children over by the swing set.

“Have you children seen a white puppy with brown spots?” asked Christmas Angel.

“Is that him?” asked one of the children, pointing to a puppy that was sitting in the middle of the playground.

“Yes,” said Christmas Angel. “I do believe that is the one.”

Christmas Angel picked up the puppy and carefully carried it to where Rita was waiting.

“Buster!” exclaimed Rita. “I am so glad you are okay.”

Rita hugged Buster tightly.

“Thank you so much!” Rita exclaimed to Christmas Angel.

“You are welcome,” said Christmas Angel.

“What is that on your back?” asked Rita. “And, is that a halo on your head?”

“They are my wings,” said Christmas Angel. “And, yes, that is a halo on my head.”

“Are you an angel?” asked Rita.

“I am a Christmas angel,” said Christmas Angel. “I was sent here to help everyone have a happy and merry Christmas. I had to find Buster so that you could have a happy and merry Christmas.”

“Thank you,” said Rita. “Thank you very much!”

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Christmas Angel. “Merry Christmas!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help others.
  • Example: Christmas Angel helped Rita find her dog, Buster.

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