Hillbilly Bob Helps the Elderly at Christmas

Hillbilly Bob was just closing up the garage where he worked. It was Christmas Eve. The streets were pretty bare. Most of the shops had closed down for the holiday and all of the Christmas shoppers were now sitting at home with their families.

Hillbilly Bob started up his pick-up truck and drove down the main street of town. He was going home to be with his parents.

“Is that Joe?” Hillbilly Bob asked himself as he drove past the grocery store.

Joe, an elderly man, was sitting on the park bench outside of the grocery store. Hillbilly Bob pulled into the empty parking lot and got out of the truck.

“Joe!” exclaimed Hillbilly Bob. “What are you doing out here? It is Christmas Eve. You should be home with your family.”

Joe started crying.

“My family can’t come for Christmas,” said Joe, sobbing.

“I am sorry to hear that,” said Hillbilly Bob. “Why don’t you come spend Christmas with us? We have plenty of food.”

“I couldn’t do that,” said Joe. “That would be imposing.”

“No,” said Hillbilly Bob. “It would not be imposing at all. I know my parents would be thrilled to have you. I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Can I bring my guitar?” asked Joe.

“You’d better,” said Hillbilly Bob. “Unless you want to play my old beat up one.”

“No thank you,” laughed Joe, remembering how bad Hillbilly Bob’s guitar sounded.

Joe showed up at Hillbilly Bob’s parents house around noon on Christmas Day. After dinner, they sat around the woodstove to keep warm. Joe brought out his guitar and started singing Christmas carols.

Hillbilly Bob got a new guitar for Christmas from his parents. Joe got it tuned up and handed it back to Hillbilly Bob. Hillbilly Bob’s mother got out her ukulele and his father got out his harmonica.

“Now, this is the best Christmas I have had in a very long time,” said Joe. “Thank you for letting me be a part of it. ”

“You are welcome,” said Mother. “It was our pleasure.”

Hillbilly Bob, his parents and Joe played their music until well past midnight.

“You may as well spend the night here,” said Mother to Joe. “It is much too late for you to drive home.”

“Thank you,” said Joe, heading up to the spare bedroom. “Merry Christmas everyone!”

“Merry Christmas Joe,” said Hillbilly Bob and his parents.

Moral of this Story:

    • It is nice to help the elderly at Christmas.
    • Example: Hillbilly Bob found Joe, an elderly man, sitting on a park bench, alone on Christmas Eve. He offered to take Joe home with him to spend Christmas with him and his family.
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