Autumn in the City

Hi everyone! This is City Kid. I’m the Canadian brother that lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is now autumn in the city and while it is beautiful here in the city, to really enjoy the autumn colours, city folks take a drive to the country regions of Ontario. There really is nothing more beautiful than an autumn in Ontario. Ontario is home to the most beautiful maple trees. Maple trees turn beautiful shades of red, brown and gold in autumn.

People from the city love to take a drive in the country during the autumn months. They love to get out of their cars and take walks in country parks and walk through the layers of coloured leaves that have already fallen to the ground. It is so much fun to run through the leaves and pick them up and throw them at each other. Children, especially, love this but I also know quite a few adults that get their kicks out of throwing leaves around.

The one drawback to autumn is that all these leaves do have to be raked up. That is a lot of work, especially if you have a large yard with a few maple trees on it. However, the beauty of the leaves makes the work not so bad and you do get exercise and lots of fresh air. The days are still fairly warm but the nights do cool down quite a bit. A big warm sweater and a rake and you are all set.

You have to pick the perfect weekend to view the colours, otherwise, with one good wind storm, you will miss it. Once the leaves have blown off the trees, there is really not much to see and you may as well stay home and keep warm because then you know that old man winter is just around the corner.


Moral of this Story:

  • Autumn in Ontario is so beautiful.
  • Example: City Kid loves spending as much time as he can outdoors during the autumn season.

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