Pine Cone

I’m just a little pine cone, sitting on the cold, forest floor. I don’t mind though because a little squirrel will come along and pick me up. As he carries me away, he will drop some of my seeds onto the ground and then by next spring, I will start growing into a tall pine tree.

I want to grow up and be as tall and proud as my Grandfather. It will take years for this to happen but that is okay. I have nothing much else to do, except wait. My Grandfather lived to be 89 years old. He was about sixty feet tall and at least ten feet around. My Grandfather was the oldest tree in the forest and he’d still be alive today if the lumber jacks didn’t cut him down.

I miss my Grandfather very much. He used to tower above all of us and shield us from the hot sun in the summer and the cold, wind in the winter. However, since cutting him down, the forest has flourished even more because of the strong pine cone seeds that came tumbling down to the ground. My Grandfather helped create a stronger more vibrant forest and I know for sure that he is up in tree heaven right now, smiling down at the forest. Yes, he’d be proud.

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