City Kid and the Night Skies

City Kid lives in the CITY of Toronto, Ontario. One of the things he likes to do is watch the STARS in the night sky. Sometimes he has good luck with that and sometimes not. In the city of Toronto there are some places where there are a lot of LIGHTS on. The trick to […] Read More

City Kid and the Family on Mother’s Day

“Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks,” said City Kid. “Yes,” said Mother, who was sitting in her rocking chair doing some knitting. Mother had that faraway look in her eyes. City Kid knew what she was thinking. “I sure wish I could get the whole family together for Mother’s Day,” thought City […] Read More

Beatrice Bee in the City

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland. She came across a huge network of highways and buildings. “Look at all those cars and trucks on those highways,” said Beatrice Bee, mesmerized. “This must be the city of Toronto.” Beatrice Bee kept flying around. She didn’t want to land near the highway. She was afraid of all […] Read More

Valentine’s Day in the City

Hello everyone. I’m City Kid. I live in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is Valentine’s Day and we do a lot in the city to prepare for this day. We buy our loved ones the most expensive perfume, chocolates and flowers that we can find and then we take our loved ones out […] Read More

Christmas in the Mountains

The Poor Mountain Family were sitting down to breakfast one Sunday morning. They were enjoying some warm oatmeal because it was very cold outside. “Winter is definitely here, “said Poor Mountain Mother, putting another log into the woodstove. “Yes it is, “agreed Poor Mountain Father, not looking forward to spending the day outside chopping firewood. […] Read More

Environment Bug and Clean Air

“Oh dear,” said Environment Bug early one morning, while going for his daily walk. “The air in this city is terrible.” Environment Bug lives in Toronto, Ontario. However, he just came back from a vacation in the mountains in British Columbia. “I should have stayed in BC,” said Environment Bug to himself. “The air was […] Read More

Autumn in the City

Hi everyone! This is City Kid. I’m the Canadian brother that lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is now autumn in the city and while it is beautiful here in the city, to really enjoy the autumn colours, city folks take a drive to the country regions of Ontario. There really is nothing more beautiful […] Read More

Fawn and Spot Move to the City

“It sure is noisy around the farm today,” said Spot, looking out the window of the barn. There was a big moving truck up at the house as well as several movers. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen were scurrying back and forth frantically. “Yeah,” said Fawn, sounding depressed. “It is.” “I guess you’re not in a […] Read More

Shelly the Mouse Goes to the City

“Shelly, hurry up!” Mother Mouse yelled. “We have to get going. Your cousins are going to be waiting for you.” “Oh Mother!” Shelly cried. “I don’t want to go to the city to see my cousins. There will be nothing to do there.” “Shelly,” Mother Mouse said. “There is lots of things to do in […] Read More

Hoot! Hoot!

Farmer Jim was out in the fields, ploughing his cornfield. It was a warm autumn day. “Hoot! Hoot!” cried an owl, flying over the field. “Oh be quiet!” exclaimed Farmer Jim, angrily. “I can’t concentrate on my ploughing with you hollering your fool head off!” The owl flew away. “Ahoo Ahoo!” a wolf howled in […] Read More