Shelly the Mouse Goes to the City

“Shelly, hurry up!” Mother Mouse yelled. “We have to get going. Your cousins are going to be waiting for you.”

“Oh Mother!” Shelly cried. “I don’t want to go to the city to see my cousins. There will be nothing to do there.”

“Shelly,” Mother Mouse said. “There is lots of things to do in the city. There are parks to play in and beaches to swim in.”

“Yes,” said Shelly. “And pollution to breathe and fast cars and trucks to watch out for. Why do I have to go?”

“Shelly,” Mother said. “I’m not going to tell you again. Get your suitcase and lets get going.”

Once on the train to the city, Shelly started to enjoy herself. She saw many tall buildings and lots of people walking around. About the only thing that really annoyed her was the number of cats that were running loose in the streets.

“Mother!” Shelly exclaimed. “Why are there so many cats running around? I don’t like cats! They may try to eat us for lunch!”

No sooner had Shelly said this, then a huge grey and white cat showed itself around the corner of the train.

“Mother!” yelled Shelly. “Watch out!”

Mother hid behind one of the many suitcases in the luggage compartment of the train where her and Shelly were sitting. The cat sniffed and sniffed.

“It’s getting closer!” Shelly screamed as she joined her mother behind the suitcase.

“For heavens sakes, Shelly,” Mother screamed. “Please be quiet. Maybe the cat will go away if he doesn’t know where we are.”

“Come out little mice,” the cat said in a friendly voice. “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to be your friend.”

“Yeah right!” Shelly exclaimed. “That will be the day when a cat wants to be our friend.”

“Hush child,” Mother cried.

Just then, another huge cat came into the compartment. He looked more vicious and more dangerous than the first cat. This cat had long claws and long sharp teeth.

“Hey Mr. Cat, any mice in here?” the second cat asked.

“No Wilson,” the first cat replied. “There aren’t any mice in here, but I did see some down the other way.”

“Mr. Cat!” exclaimed Shelly when the second cat had disappeared out of sight. “You saved our life!”

“I told you I wasn’t going to hurt you,” the cat said.

“Thank you Mr. Cat,” apologized Mother Mouse. “I’m sorry for misjudging you. You really are a nice cat.”

Mr. Cat stayed with Shelly and Mother Mouse throughout their stay in the city. He protected them from any dangerous cats that were lurking around.

Shelly had a different opinion of the city now that she had Mr. Cat to take care of her and her mother.

“I feel safe,” Shelly said.

“So do I,” Mother Mouse said. “It sure is nice of Mr. Cat to look after us while we are in the city.”

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