Fawn’s Almost Plane Ride

Smash! Crash! Bang!

“What on earth was that noise?” asked Fawn, sleepily.

“I don’t know,” said Spot. “It sure sounded scary.”

“Why don’t you go outside and check it out?” asked Fawn.

“Me!” exclaimed Spot. “Why don’t you go do it yourself?”

“Forget it,” said Fawn. “I want to go back to sleep.”

“Oh, for once, why don’t you stop thinking about yourself,” said Spot. “I’ll go and check it out.”

“Help! Help!” a voice called from outside.

“What was that?” asked Fawn.

“Come on, Fawn,” said Spot, seriously. “It sounds like someone is in trouble!”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Fawn, when they stepped outside. “What a mess?”

Fawn and Spot saw debris scattered everywhere. Pieces of metal and glass were strewn amidst the grass and some of the metal pieces dangled from a tree top.

“Help! I’m over here,” a voice shouted. “I’m caught in the tree!”

Fawn and Spot both looked up into the huge oak tree that stood in front of them. They saw a man dangling from one of the branches in a parachute.

Jenny, Ricky and Mr. and Mrs. Hansen came outside.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mrs. Hansen. “It looks as if a tornado passed through the yard.”

“No, not a tornado,” said the man from the tree. “Just my airplane!”

“Sir,” said Mr. Hansen, quickly trying to assess the damage. “Are you alright?”

“Except for the fact that I’m just hanging by this limb, I seem to be alright,” said the man.

Mr. Hansen ran down to the barn as fast as he could. When he returned, he was carrying the longest ladder that he could find.

“Just hold on,” said Mr. Hansen. “I’ll get you down from there.”

“Well, I’ve got nothing better to do than to hold on,” said the man.

Within minutes, Mr. Hansen helped the man down from the tree.

“Thank-you, thank-you so much,” said the man. “By the way, my name is Terry Fletcher and that plane that I was flying in was my best plane, Nancy.”

“I’m Mr. Hansen,” said Mr. Hansen, introducing himself. “This is my wife, Mabel and my two children, Ricky and Jenny and of course, my two cows, Fawn and Spot.”

“I’m so glad that you are alright,” said Mrs. Hansen. “You sure gave us quite a scare. What happened, anyway?”

“Well, I was up in the air and all of a sudden I lost all my power,” said Terry. “That plane came down instantly.”

“You sure are a lucky man,” commented Mr. Hansen.

“Yes,” said Terry. “I always carry a four-leafed clover in my wallet.”

“Maybe you should carry a rabbit’s foot, too,” said Fawn.

“Fawn, don’t you be so bold,” snapped Spot.

“Oh that’s alright,” said Terry. “Actually, I did have a rabbit’s foot, but I lost it yesterday. I’m going to have to find it.”

“So, what about the plane?” asked Mr. Hansen. “What will you do without your plane?”

“Oh, I’ve got several different planes,” said Terry.

“You do!” exclaimed Fawn.

“Wait a minute,” said Mr. Hansen. “You’re not Terrence Fletcher, the multi-millionaire, are you?”

“Why, I sure am!” exclaimed Terry. “The one and only. Look folks, don’t worry about the mess here. I’ll have my crew come over and take care of it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to be going.”

“Well, it sure was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Fletcher,” said Mrs. Hansen.

“The pleasure was all mine,” said Terry. “And, please, call me Terry. By the way, how would all of you like to come for a plane ride someday?”

“Actually,” said Mr. Hansen. “I think that we would prefer to stay on the ground for the time being.”

“That’s understandable,” said Terry, looking about at all the rubble.

“Wait, Terry,” said Fawn. “I’d love to…”

“Oh no you don’t, Fawn!” exclaimed Spot. “You just stay away from airplanes!”

“But…,” cried Fawn. “An airplane ride would be so much fun!”

“Well then, Fawn,” said Terry. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning and we’ll go for a nice ride. I’ve got a new plane that I am just dying to try out.”

“On second thought,” said Fawn. “Maybe I’ll just stay on the ground, too.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is good to just keep our feet on the ground.
  • Example: Fawn had second thoughts about going for a plane ride.
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