Billy Troll’s Surprise Beach Concert

“Billy, did you hear about the concert tonight?” asked Dianne, as she was preparing dinner. “It is supposed to be fantastic!”

“A concert tonight!” Billy exclaimed, with a sheepish look on his face. “No, I haven’t heard any such thing. Where is it?”

“It’s down at the beach,” said Dianne. “It starts around 7 p.m.”

“Gee Dianne,” said Billy. “That sounds like fun. Do you want to go?”

“I’d love to go, but don’t you feel left out,” said Dianne.

“Left out!” exclaimed Billy. “Why would I feel left out?”

“They didn’t include you in the concert,” said Dianne. “Are you not upset?”

“No, I’m not upset,” said Billy, smiling. “Besides, I have tickets for tonight. I can’t sing and watch the concert at the same time, can I?”

“I guess not,” said Dianne.

Billy and Dianne arrived at the beach few minutes before the concert began. The beach was already crowded.

“Look at the people that are here already,” said Dianne. “This beach is going to be packed.”

“Dianne, I’m awfully thirsty,” said Billy, handing Dianne some money. “Could you go and get me a soda or something?”

“Sure,” said Dianne.

Dianne returned a few minutes later. Billy was nowhere to be found. She started walking through the crowd to find him, when all of a sudden the crowd started to roar.

“Billy! Billy!” the crowd chanted. “We want Billy Troll!”

“Here I am,” sang Billy, coming onto the stage. “Here I am and I’m here to stay!”

“You little devil,” said Dianne to herself, under her breath.

“I’d like to dedicate this next song to my girlfriend, Dianne,” said Billy, as he began to sing the next song. “She had no idea that I was going to be singing tonight! Dianne, this song’s for you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always fun to have a really nice surprise waiting for you when you least expect it.
  • Example: Billy Troll surprised his girlfriend, Dianne, when he played at the beach concert.

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