Billy Troll’s Battle of the Bands

“Come on Billy,” said Dianne. “Today is your big concert!”

“What concert?” asked Billy.

“You know, your big concert at the stadium,” said Dianne. “Come on, you aren’t even dressed yet!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Billy. “Today is the benefit concert, The Battle of the Bands.”

“Battle of the what?” asked Dianne.

“Battle of the Bands,” repeated Billy. “You know, it’s the benefit concert for underprivileged children. I told you about this concert a month ago. Don’t you remember?”

“I don’t remember,” said Dianne. “However, that doesn’t change anything. You still have to perform at the stadium today. You can’t disappoint your fans. There is going to be thousands of people there to see you.”

“Dianne, I don’t know who it was that arranged this so-called concert at the stadium, but I can’t go,” said Billy sternly. “I’ve got a commitment at the hospital this afternoon. I’m not going to disappoint the children.”

“Oh come on, Billy,” said Dianne. “Just phone the hospital and tell them you have a prior commitment. The kids will understand. Tell them you’ll be there next week.”

“Like I said before,” said Billy. “I don’t know who it was that arranged this so-called concert at the stadium. I cannot make it. By the way, Dianne, who was it that arranged this concert?”

“I did, however Billy you can’t disappoint thousands of fans just for the sake of a couple of children,” said Dianne.

“Dianne, those few children that I’m playing for today may not be here next week to hear me sing,” said Billy. “All of those children are very sick.”

“Well, if that’s the case,” said Dianne. “Then what are we going to tell the people at the stadium?”

“I am not going to tell them anything,” said Billy. “You are the one that arranged this concert, so therefore, you can tell them that I’m not going to be there.”

“You can kiss your image good-bye,” said Dianne. “They are going to be very disappointed.”

“I think you are wrong about that,” said Billy. “I bet that they would all understand that the needs of those sick little children are much more important. Besides, you can tell them that I will play for them next weekend.”

“I don’t know,” said Dianne. “I just hope that you know what you are doing.”

“Trust me,” said Billy. “They will understand.”

Billy grabbed his guitar and was out the door on the way to the hospital. Meanwhile, Dianne went to the stadium. People were starting to line up outside of the stadium already.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said Dianne into a loud-speaker. “Billy Troll will not be performing today. He is instead performing for a group of sick little children at the hospital today. However, he has assured me that he will be here next weekend.”

“Hooray for Billy,” someone shouted in the crowd.

“That man sure has his heart in the right place,” shouted another.

Soon everyone in the stadium were shouting Billy’s name and drying tears from their eyes.

“Well, how did it go?” asked Billy, later that evening when he was back at home. “Were they very upset?”

“To tell you the truth,” said Dianne. “They were not upset at all. I actually think that they all admire you and love you even more because of what you did this afternoon.”

“I told you so,” said Billy. “A true fan will follow me through almost anything.”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “That is so true! Now, just don’t forget that you are going to perform next weekend at the stadium.”

“What stadium?” asked Billy. “I promised the kids that I would play for them again next weekend.”

“What!” exclaimed Dianne angrily. “You promised!”

“I know I did,” said Billy. “Actually, the hospital has agreed to let the children come to my concert next weekend. They feel that I perked their spirits up so well today, that it is just what the children need.”

“Oh Billy,” said Dianne, throwing her arms around his neck. “I love you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Life has a strange way of making things work out in the end.
  • Example: Dianne had booked Billy Troll for a huge concert. He had made other arrangements to sing to children at a hospital. He stuck to his plan and he knew his fans would approve.

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