Mountain Kid Goes to the City for Mother’s Day

“I see Mother’s Day is coming up,” said Mountain kid as he looked at the calendar that hung on the wall in his log cabin. “I wonder how Mother is doing. Last time I saw her, I was sick and she wanted me to go back to the city to live there. There is no way that I could ever survive city living. I enjoy my life right here in the mountains.”

Mountain Kid went about his day but it was frequently interrupted with thoughts of his mother.

“Seven years is a long time to go without seeing her,” said Mountain Kid to himself as he drove into town to pick up some supplies for himself. “We do talk on the phone quite frequently but that just isn’t the same. Our relationship has become somewhat strained when she tried to get me to go to the city.”

“I sure do miss her,” said Mountain Kid to himself as he drove home, once he had picked up all his supplies.

Mountain Kid just couldn’t shake thinking about his mother that whole day.” I’ve got to do something,” said Mountain Kid to himself that evening after dinner. “I think I am going to take a trip to the city.”

Mountain Kid called the airline and purchased a ticket to Toronto, which is where his mother lived. He was able to book a flight for the next afternoon.

“I am excited that I am going to be visiting you,” said Mountain Kid when he called his mother.

“I am too,” said Mother. “I will pick you up at the airport.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Mountain Kid.

Mountain Kid landed at the Pearson International Airport at 4 pm the next afternoon. Mother was at the arrival gate, waiting for him.

“Mother!” cried Mountain Kid, giving her the biggest hug. “It really is nice to see you.”

“It is nice to see you as well,” cried Mother. “It has been much too long.”

“Yes it has,” said Mountain Kid.

Mother drove Mountain Kid to his childhood home, where she still resided.

“Everything has changed so much,” said Mountain Kid, noticing the population increase as well as new homes and businesses that had been built over the years.

“I can honestly say that I don’t miss the hustle and bustle of city life,” said Mountain Kid.

“You know something,” said Mother. “I was wrong when I tried to bring you home that time I came to your place in the mountains. You, your brothers and your sister have all moved to places across this vast country of ours that make each one of you happy and your happiness is all that counts.”

“I appreciate what you are saying,” said Mountain Kid. “I know that our relationship has been strained since that visit. The strain has not just been your fault. I take responsibility for it as well. However, we are at a point where I think family should come first. I promise to come visit you more often.”

“Funny thing is,” said Mother. “Right before you called me yesterday to tell me you were coming, I was looking at ticket prices to come see you.”

“You know you are welcome any time,” said Mountain Kid.

Mother and Mountain Kid enjoyed the time they had together.

“That was a wonderful Mother’s Day,” said Mother when she dropped Mountain Kid off at the airport after their visit together.

“I am glad you enjoyed it,” said Mountain Kid. “I had a great visit with you as well.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we have to put the past behind us.
  • Example: Mountain Kid hadn’t seen his mother for seven years. He decided to visit her for Mother’s Day.
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