Little Crow Looks After Grandmother on Mother’s Day

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Little Crow to his grandmother when he came into her kitchen, on Mother’s Day morning.

“Thank you,” said Grandmother.

“I love you very much,” said Little Crow. “You are like a mother to me and have been since my own mother took off when I was hatched.”

“I have been thinking of your mother a lot lately,” said Grandmother.

“I think of her often too,” said Little Crow. “I used to hear her voice while I was growing in my egg shell. She would always sing to me.”

“Yes,” said Grandmother. “She had the most beautiful voice.”

“She did,” said Little Crow.” So do you.”

“You think so,” said Grandmother, embarrassed.

“I know so,” said Little Crow.” Why don’t you sing me a song while I clean up the kitchen for you?”

“You don’t have to do that,” said Grandmother.

“I want to,” said Little Crow. “I want you to enjoy the day.”

“Thank you,” said Grandmother.” You are so kind.”

“Oh look at my sissy cousin,” said Little Crow’s cousin Jake, coming to Grandmother’s for a visit. “Doing women’s work.”

“For your information,” said Grandmother angrily. “Little Crow is cleaning up the kitchen out of respect for me.”

“I respect you,” said Jake.

“You sure have a strange way of showing it,” said Grandmother.” What are you going to do for me for Mother’s Day?”

“I am not even doing anything for my own mother for Mother’s Day,” said Jake.

“How can you be so disrespectful?” asked Grandmother, grabbing the broom out of Little Crow’s wing. “At least you have a mother. Poor Little Crow doesn’t know where his mother is. You are going to finish sweeping my nest and then you are going to go home and do the same for your mother.”

Jake did as he was told. He knew Grandmother was angry and he didn’t want her to be any more angrier than she already was. Little Crow dusted while Jake swept up. Grandmother gave them each a big slice of apple pie. Jake then went home and cleaned his mother’s nest.

“Thank you,” said Mother. “I really appreciate that.”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Jake.

Mother gave Jake a big hug and kiss. He felt loved and it felt good. He thought about how it must be for Little Crow, not having a Mother. Jake thought about how badly he treated Little Crow and Grandmother earlier. He went over to Grandmother’s to apologize.

“I am sorry for the way I treated you two earlier said Jake. “It was very wrong and to show you how sorry I am, I am going to cook dinner for both of you.”

“That would be nice,” said Grandmother.

“I can help, ” said Little Crow.

“I would appreciate that,” said Jake.

Jake and Little Crow worked together to cook dinner. They actually got along nicely.

“Thank you,” said Grandmother, eating the dinner her two grandsons cooked for her. “It is a beautiful dinner and it is nice to see the two of you getting along.”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Jake, giving Grandmother a big kiss and hug.

Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we have mother figures that need to be recognized for Mother’s Day.
  • Example: Little Crow doesn’t know what happened to his real mother so Grandmother has taken care of him.
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