City Kid and the Night Skies

City Kid lives in the city of Toronto, Ontario. One of the things he likes to do is watch the stars in the night sky. Sometimes he has good luck with that and sometimes not.

In the city of Toronto there are some places where there are a lot of lights shining. The trick to watching the stars is to find a place that is dark enough to do so. Usually City Kid can watch the stars from the parking lot of a temple that is located across the street from his house.

Unfortunately, on this particular night, the lights were on at the temple and City Kid knew there would be no way he was going to be able to see the stars in the sky. City Kid did however see that it was dark in the park just up the street. He walked over to the park and he looked up into the sky. He was able to see lots of stars.

City Kid was very happy because star gazing was something he could do that was relaxing. After all, living in the city can be very hectic.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to find a dark spot to watch the stars in the night sky.
  • Example: City Kid saw it was dark in the park so he walked there to see the stars.

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