Mother Elf’s Surprise on Mother’s Day

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Mother Elf on the phone to her mother. “I wish I could see you.”

Mother Elf hung up the phone and wiped away a tear from her eye. Tomorrow was Mother’s Day and it had been over a year since she last saw her mother.

Daddy Elf overheard the conversation. He decided he would take Mother Elf to see her mother for Mother’s Day. He decided a road trip would be in order.

“Come on everyone,” Daddy Elf called out very early on Mother’s Day morning. “It is time to get up.”

“What is going on?” asked Mother Elf, getting out of bed.

“We are going on a road trip,” said Daddy Elf. “Get dressed and let’s go.”

The Elf Family were very excited and very curious about their road trip.

“Where are we going?” asked Annie Elf, the youngest elf child.

“Isn’t this the road to Grandma Elf’s house?” asked Jason Elf, the oldest elf child.

“Oh my!” cried Mother Elf, when she figured out where they were going. “We are going to Grandma’s!”

“Yes,” said Daddy Elf. “We are.”

“How did you know that I wanted to see my mother?” asked Mother Elf. “I was just talking to her on the phone yesterday.”

“I know,” said Daddy Elf. “I overheard the conversation and I thought it is time we go to see your mother.”

“This is such a surprise!” cried Mother Elf. “Thank you so much!”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Daddy Elf.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to see your mother on Mother’s Day.
  • Example: Mother Elf wanted to see her mother for Mother’s Day. Daddy Elf overheard her on the phone and decided a road trip for Mother’s Day was in order.
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