Mother Elf Wants a Necklace for Mother’s Day

Mother Elf was cleaning up the kitchen. She saw a catalogue sitting on the counter. On the front of it was a picture of the most beautiful coral and rose coloured necklace.

“Mother’s Day is coming up,” said Mother Elf to herself. “I would love to have this necklace.”

Mother Elf didn’t see Daddy Elf standing in the doorway to the kitchen. He overheard Mother Elf. When she wasn’t looking, he wrote down the phone number that was on the ad. Later that evening, he ordered it for her.

Mother Elf couldn’t get the necklace from her mind. She really wanted it.

“Maybe I will leave hints around the house,” said Mother Elf.

At dinner that night, Mother Elf put the catalogue on the table beside Daddy’s plate. Daddy saw it when he sat down and smiling to himself, he purposely knocked the catalogue on the floor. He knew what Mother Elf was doing.

The next night, Mother Elf took off her old necklace before dinner. She sat down at the table and she kept putting her hand up to her neck.

“Where is your old necklace?” asked Daddy Elf, again, smiling to himself.

“It is old and I am getting tired of it,” said Mother Elf. ‘ ‘Maybe it is time for a new one.”

“I like your old one just fine,” said Daddy Elf.

Mother’s Day came around and Daddy Elf came to the dinner table with a small gift-wrapped box in his hand. He set it down beside Mother Elf’s plate.

“What is this?” asked Mother Elf.

“Your Mother’s Day gift,” said Daddy Elf.

Mother Elf cried when she opened the box and saw the necklace.

“It is beautiful,” said Mother Elf. “Thank you so much!”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Daddy Elf, putting the necklace around her neck for her. “It does look beautiful on you.”

“Thank you,” said Mother Elf. “How did you know I wanted it? I kept dropping hints but you didn’t notice.”

“I was standing in the doorway the first day you were looking at the catalogue,” confessed Daddy Elf. “I ordered it for you that night.”

“So you knew I was dropping hints the whole time,” laughed Mother Elf.

“Yes,” said Daddy Elf. “I did.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We don’t always have to give hints to our loved ones.
  • Example: Mother Elf kept dropping hints for a necklace she wanted for Mother’s Day. Daddy Elf had already ordered it for but she did not know.
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