Mother Elf and a Fun Mother’s Day

“It is a beautiful sunny day,” said Mother Elf, looking out the window and seeing her two children, Jason and Annie, playing in their sandbox.

Mother Elf saw Jason and Annie wave to her. She waved back. She saw that Daddy Elf had just finished mowing the lawn.

“I think we should have fun today,” said Mother Elf to herself.

Mother Elf had a wonderful idea. She went to the fridge and took out a pitcher of lemonade and some items to make some sandwiches with. After she made the sandwiches, she got out the picnic basket and a picnic blanket. She took everything outside to the backyard.

“Are we having a picnic?” asked Jason.

“Yes we are,” said Mother Elf.

“A Mother’s Day picnic,” said Daddy Elf.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mother Elf. “Is it Mother’s Day?”

“It definitely is,” said Daddy Elf.

“Well,” said Mother Elf. “Then, I guess we are having a Mother’s Day picnic.”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Annie.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Jason.

“Thank you,” said Mother Elf. “Now, let’s have some fun.”

The Elf family ate their picnic lunch and they enjoyed spending some quality time together. After the picnic Daddy got out the garden hose and Jason and Annie had a lot of fun jumping and running through it. Mother Elf enjoyed a fun Mother’s Day with her family.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have some fun on Mother’s Day.
  • Example: Mother Elf decided to have a picnic with her family and then she found out it was Mother’s Day.
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