Christmas in the Mountains

The Poor Mountain Family were sitting down to breakfast one Sunday morning. They were enjoying some warm oatmeal because it was very cold outside.

“Winter is definitely here, “said Poor Mountain Mother, putting another log into the woodstove.

“Yes it is, “agreed Poor Mountain Father, not looking forward to spending the day outside chopping firewood.

“And with winter comes Christmas,” said Poor Mountain Sister, happily.

“True, “said Poor Mountain Mother. “I am glad you brought that up because I have something to discuss with you about Christmas.”

“What about Christmas? “asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Well Grandma and Grandpa want us to come to the city for Christmas this year, “said Poor Mountain Mother.

“The city!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister. “I don’t want to have Christmas in the city.”

“Me either,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Sorry I brought it up,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is just that Grandma and Grandpa are getting older. They may not be around for another Christmas.”

“Then it is settled, “said Poor Mountain Father. “This Christmas we are going to the city.”

The Poor Mountain children did not want to spend Christmas in the city but they knew they would have no choice. They knew this might be the last Christmas they get to spend with their grandparents.

Christmas Eve came along. The Poor Mountain Family were all in the car waiting while Poor Mountain Father checked the oil and antifreeze level and made sure the tires had plenty of air in them.

Soon, they were on their way. They had been driving for about a half an hour when all of a sudden and out of nowhere, a terrible blizzard went through. Poor Mountain Father could not see the road ahead of him. The snow was just coming down too fast.

“I’ve got to pullover,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It is just too nasty out there.”

Poor Mountain Father pulled the car into a nearby gas station parking lot. The gas station was closed because it was Christmas Eve.

The Poor Mountain Family had been sitting in the car for almost an hour trying their best to wait out the storm. The blizzard did not look like it was going to let up anytime soon.

“I’m going to call Grandpa on the pay phone,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It looks like we will be spending Christmas morning in the mountains after all.

Poor Mountain Father made the phone call. Grandma and Grandpa were very relieved that he had called because they had been watching the news. Grandpa told him that the storm was not going to be letting up until tomorrow morning.

The Poor Mountain Family tried to make the best of the situation. They had plenty of baked goods to eat and Poor Mountain Mother had packed some nice warm blankets. They were quite cozy and surprisingly they were able to keep warm.

Christmas morning came and the blizzard had finally let up. The Poor Mountain Family now just had to wait for the snow plough to come through and then they could make their way to the city.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “We could open our gifts. They are in the trunk.”

“Good idea, ” said Poor Mountain Father, getting out of the car to get the gifts.

The Par Mountain children were thrilled with their gifts, most of which were handmade by their parents. Poor Mountain Father definitely appreciated the nice warm sweater Poor Mountain Mother made for him and he sure didn’t waste anytime in putting it on.

Soon after all the gifts were opened the snow plough finally went through and cleared the roads. They were now on their way to the city.

“You sure love to spend Christmas in the mountains,” laughed Grandma giving everyone a big hug and kiss and just glad her family was safe and no worse for the wear.

“Merry Christmas,” yelled Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister at the top of their lungs.

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