Jen-Jen’s Christmas Flower

Jen-Jen woke up early on Christmas morning. She saw the sun shining brightly. She knew it was going to be beautiful Christmas.

After Jen-Jen ate her Christmas breakfast, but before she opened her gifts, she went outside and walked around.

“For it being Christmas Day,” said Jen-Jen to herself. “It sure is warm outside. Usually on Christmas Day in Eastern Ontario, it is very cold with about a foot of snow. This Christmas there is just a fresh dusting of snow.

Jen-Jen walked past her flower garden. She had her rose bushes all wrapped up in a burlap sack. She did notice a beautiful violet coloured flower.

“What a beautiful flower!” exclaimed Jen-Jen. “I wonder what kind of flower it is. I have never seen a flower like this.”

Jen-Jen had another thought. She wondered how the flower got there.

“I know I didn’t plant it,” said Jen-Jen to herself.

Jen-Jen looked around the garden and there were no tracks or footprints, except for hers.

“I wonder,” said Jen-Jen. “I wonder if Santa Claus planted it for me.”

Off in the distance, Jen-Jen heard a jolly laugh and then a very merry ho ho ho.

“Thank you Santa,” Jen-Jen smiled and waved.

“Merry Christmas!” shouted Santa.

Moral of this Story:

    • Santa Claus is magical.
    • Example: Jen-Jen did not know who planted the Christmas flower in her garden.
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