Covered in Mud

“It finally stopped raining,” said Joseph, looking out the window. “I can finally get my tractor out of the mud.”

It had been a rainy autumn day on his ranch in northern BC and Joseph had been wanting to finish plowing his field. However,  he got his tractor stuck in the mud a few days ago. He had been waiting until the weather cleared up before he could get his tractor out of the mud.

Joseph was putting his boots on. His dog, Shaggy saw him. Shaggy was a Komandor breed, which is a dog that has fur like a mop head. Komandor’s are very difficult dogs to keep clean. Whenever Joseph went outside, Shaggy would follow him but if there was even the tiniest bit of mud, Shaggy would find it and he would end up being covered in mud.

Because of all the recent rain, Joseph knew it was muddy and he didn’t want Shaggy outside. However, he was in such a hurry that he left the door open, just a crack. Shaggy pushed the door open with his head. He took a quick look around and saw a big mud puddle.

“Shaggy!” screamed Joseph, turning around and seeing Shaggy running straight for the mud.Shaggy didn’t listen to Joseph. Joseph tried running over to where Shaggy was, but It was too late. By the time Joseph got to him, Shaggy was sitting in the middle of the mud puddle. He was covered in mud.

Needless to say, Joseph spent the day cleaning Shaggy. His tractor had to wait until the next day.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are times we need to keep our pets indoors.
  • Example: Shaggy loves mud and Joseph tries to keep him indoors after a rain.

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