Turning Colour with Autumn Elf

“This has been a strange autumn,” said Autumn Elf.

“I wouldn’t say strange,” said Autumn Elf’s sister, Stella. “I would call it warm.”

“It is like summer hasn’t left,” said Autumn Elf. “The leaves are still green. When will they be turning colour?”

“Well,” said Stella. “That is up to you? It is autumn, according to the, calendar and you are in charge of the thermostat for autumn.”

“True,” said Autumn Elf. “But is it okay morally for me to make it autumn?”

“I think it would be okay,” said Stella. “After all, you wouldn’t want summer to go straight into winter without any autumn.”

“Definitely not,” said Autumn Elf. “I need autumn. I need to see the leaves turning colour.”

“I think you have your answer,” said Stella.

Autumn Elf went over to the thermometer and he turned on the autumn season.

“That is better,” said Autumn Elf as he watched the leaves start to change colour. ”Autumn is finally here.”

“It is better,” agreed Stella. “We do need the autumn season.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We need the autumn season.
  • Example: Autumn Elf was hesitant on changing the season to autumn but Stella told him that we need to have autumn.

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