Wash and Shampoo

Joseph was trying to block Shaggy Dog from getting out the door while he was trying to speak with the delivery man about a missing package. He knew there was a big mud puddle just outside of the barn from the autumn rain in past couple of days. “No!” screamed Joseph when Shaggy Dog was […] Read More


“Shaggy Dog,” said Joseph early one beautiful autumn morning. “I know it is nice outside today and there aren’t going to be too many more nice autumn days left but something is telling me to keep you inside today.” Joseph is very particular about letting Shaggy Dog outside. Shaggy Dog is a Komandor breed of […] Read More


Joseph let Shaggy Dog go outside to play because it was a warm autumn day. Joseph had already been outside and he didn’t see any mud. Shaggy Dog is a Komandor breed of dog. His fur makes him look like a mop head. However, unlike a mop head, when Shaggy Dag gets dirty, it is […] Read More

Burrs and Fur

Joseph went outside and saw that it was a beautiful autumn day. He also saw that there was no mud at the back of the ranch. “Okay Shaggy Dog,” said Joseph to his Komandor dog. “You can come outside today. I didn’t see any mud anywhere. Shaggy Dog is the type of dog that looks […] Read More

Shaggy Dog

“Oh Shaggy!” exclaimed Joseph, Shaggy Dog’s owner. “It is so nice to see that you listened to me and stayed inside today. There is so much mud outside today from all that rain we have had this autumn. It would have taken me hours and hours to clean you.” Shaggy Dog is a Komandor breed […] Read More

Covered in Mud

“It finally stopped raining,” said Joseph, looking out the window. “I can finally get my tractor out of the mud.” It had been a rainy autumn day on his ranch in northern BC and Joseph had been wanting to finish plowing his field. However,  he got his tractor stuck in the mud a few days […] Read More

Meet Shaggy Dog

Welcome to the Meet Shaggy Dog page. Shaggy Dog is a Komandor breed of dog. His fur makes him look like a mop head. Shaggy Dog lives in Prince George, British Columbia on a ranch with his owner, Joseph. Joseph adores Shaggy Dog but he is the first to admit that if its hard to […] Read More