Joseph let Shaggy Dog go outside to play because it was a warm autumn day. Joseph had already been outside and he didn’t see any mud.

Shaggy Dog is a Komandor breed of dog. His fur makes him look like a mop head. However, unlike a mop head, when Shaggy Dag gets dirty, it is very difficult to get him clean.

“Be a good boy,” said Joseph opening the porch door.

Shaggy Dog looked up to Joseph and then he saw the open door. He ran outside as fast as he could go. Running felt so good that he kept running.

“What a crazy dog!” laughed Joseph, watching him.

Shaggy Dog ran to the edge of the backyard and then he stopped. He saw a porcupine walking toward him. Shaggy Dog didn’t like the looks of it so he ran up to the porch and stood beside Joseph.

“What is wrong?” asked Joseph. “It isn’t like you to just stay on the porch. Did something out there scare you?”

Joseph looked around the yard. At first he didn’t see anything but then he spotted the porcupine. Quickly, Joseph let Shaggy Dog back into the house and once he had the porch door closed, he gave Shaggy Dog the biggest hug ever.

“I could not imagine having to get porcupine quills out of your fur,” said Joseph. “Thank you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Porcupines are not fun to deal with.
  • Example: Shaggy Dog saw a porcupine and was smart enough to stay away from it. Joseph was proud of him.

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