Burrs and Fur

Joseph went outside and saw that it was a beautiful autumn day. He also saw that there was no mud at the back of the ranch.

“Okay Shaggy Dog,” said Joseph to his Komandor dog. “You can come outside today. I didn’t see any mud anywhere. Shaggy Dog is the type of dog that looks like a mop head. When Shaggy does play in the mud or dirt, it takes Joseph hours to clean him.

Shaggy Dog was very excited to be able to go outside. He had been stuck in the house for a few days because of rain.

Joseph opened the patio door and Shaggy Dog ran outside as fast as he could. He ran to the end of the porch and instead of gracefully walking down the stairs onto the grass, he jumped. The cool grass felt so good on his paws. He rolled himself over and over in the grass.

“Shaggy Dog,” laughed Joseph. “You are so funny.”

Joseph heard the phone ring. He stepped inside to answer it. Shaggy Dog just happened to pick that exact moment to run to the edge of the back yard. Luckily for Joseph, the phone call turned out to be a wrong number. When he stepped out onto the porch, he saw Shaggy Dog heading straight to a bush of burrs.

“No!” screamed Joseph, running after Shaggy Dog as fast as he could.

Shaggy Dog did get some burrs on him but Joseph caught up to him and was able to stop him from getting completely covered. It took the rest of that day to get the few burrs out Shaggy Dog did manage to get but Joseph was thankful that was all there were.

Shaggy Dog was to stay inside the next day. Joseph and his ranch hands cut out every bush of burrs they could find.


Moral of this Story:

  • Dogs like to get into the weirdest things.
  • Example: Instead of getting into mud, like he usually does, Shaggy Dog almost got into a bush of burrs.

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