Mr. Rubberman and Frankie

Frankie had been thinking a lot about Anna, the love of his life. He wanted to set a date for their wedding but he was too shy to bring up the subject with her.

Frankie was a monster and until he met Anna, he had no real purpose in his life but to get himself into trouble and scare people. Once he met Anna, his whole outlook on life changed for the better. She saw that underneath his rough exterior there was someone there with a tender heart.

“I am so afraid that Anna won’t go through with the wedding,” said Frankie out loud to himself.

Frankie was sitting on a bench outside of the diner where Anna worked. He was deep in thought. In fact, he was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice that someone was talking to him.

“Excuse me,” said a man, standing in front of Frankie. “Is this seat taken?”

“Oh,” said Frankie, finally. “No, please sit.”

“You seem like you are deep in thought,” said the man. “My name is Mr. Rubberman. I am a good listener.”

“Hi!” said Frankie. “My name is Frankie. I want to set a date for my wedding but I am afraid my fiancĂ©e may cancel the wedding if I ask her about it.”

“Has she given you any reason to believe that she would cancel?” asked Mr. Rubberman.

“No,” said Frankie. “She hasn’t. However, look at me. I am nothing but a monster.”

“I see,” said Mr. Rubberman, understanding totally what Frankie was afraid of. “You are afraid she will reject you. Is that right?”

“Yes,” said Frankie.

Mr. Rubberman stood over Frankie, waved his arms over him and erased any negative thought Frankie had.

Frankie stood up, went into the diner and asked Anna if she wanted to get married on Halloween night.

“Oh yes!” cried Anna, wrapping her arms around him. “I didn’t think we were even going to set a date.”

“We wouldn’t have,” said Frankie. “I was too scared that you would reject me.”

“What changed your mind?” asked Anna.

“Wait right here,” said Frankie, going out into the street to thank Mr. Rubberman.

Mr. Rubberman had left so Frankie couldn’t thank him.

“It was my guardian angel,” said Frankie, coming back into the diner.


Moral of this Story:

  • You shouldn’t live in fear of rejection.
  • Example: Frankie didn’t want to ask Anna about setting their wedding date because he was afraid she would reject him.
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