A Windy Day

Mr. Red Leaf was in his maple tree. It was a bright sunny, autumn day. Mr. Red Leaf was the most colourful leaf in his tree and he loved it.

“I am so handsome,” said Mr. Red Leaf. “I am such a bright colour, the brightest red leaf on this tree.”

About an hour later some big puffy clouds rolled in. With the clouds, came a big gust of wind. Mr. Red Leaf held onto the branch he was attached to as hard as he could.

“I have to hang on,” said Mr. Red Leaf. “I am not ready to leave my tree yet.”

Even though Mr. Red Leaf held on tight, he felt himself breaking off from the branch. He felt himself falling.

“No!” screamed Mr. Red Leaf, angrily. “I am not ready to leave my tree yet. My tree is my home. All my friends live in that tree. What am I going to do?”

An even bigger gust of wind came along and Mr. Red Leaf found himself on the ground.

“I am so angry!” shouted Mr. Red Leaf at the wind.

Mr. Red Leaf looked around on the ground and saw lots of leaves scattered everywhere. He also saw that those leaves were not still up walking around. He thought for a moment about his anger. He didn’t want to be angry. In fact, he didn’t like it one bit when he was angry. He knew he had every right to be angry at the wind. However, he also realized his anger was getting him nowhere. He decided he was tough and he could still walk around so, he was a lot better off than the other leaves were. He put his energy into surviving instead of being angry.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t put your energy into being angry.
  • Example: Mr. Red Leaf was angry with the wind for knocking him down onto the ground. However, when he saw other leaves just scattered on the ground, not being about to walk around, he knew he needed to focus on something other than his anger.

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