Plane Ride

It was Remembrance Day. Phil the Pilot had landed his plane on the makeshift landing strip at the site of the Remembrance Day service in Regina, Saskatchewan. Phil the Pilot was going to be

doing a fly by at the end of the service as a special tribute to the servicemen/women that had fought for our freedom.

“That is one beauty of a plane,” said an elderly man, in full military attire.

“Thank you,” said Phil the Pilot, holding out his hand and introducing himself. “My name is Phil the Pilot.”

“Nice name too,” said the elderly man, shaking Phil the Pilot’s hand. “My name is Veteran Phil.”

“You have a good name as well,” said Phil the Pilot, laughing.” So, have you ever flown a plane?”

“No,” said Veteran Phil. “My time in the service has always been with my two feet on the ground, in the trenches. I have always wanted to fly but I am much too old now.”

“Well,” said Phil the Pilot. “I have to get this plane ready. I am doing the fly by after the service. Say, how would you like to be my honorary co-pilot for the fly by?”

“Seriously?” asked Veteran Phil. “I would love that.”

Phil the Pilot helped Veteran Phil into the plane and buckled him in. He started the engine and waited for the signal.

“This is wonderful!” exclaimed Veteran Phil, waving to the crowd once the plane did it’ s fly by. “This is something I will never forget. Thank you so much!”

“It was my pleasure,” said Phil the Pilot, seeing the utter joy on Veteran Phil’s face.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help a veteran feel good.
  • Example: Phil the Pilot gave Veteran Phil a ride in his plane on a fly by at a Remembrance Day service.

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