Phil the Pilot

Phil the Pilot had just landed his private plane at an air landing strip just on the outskirts of a small Alberta town. He needed to pick up some supplies.

“What a gorgeous autumn day,” said Phil as he walked the short distance to the town. “All the trees have turned colour.”

“It sure is,” said a crow, flying above Phil the Pilot’s head. “You are the pilot of that plane that just landed. Nice plane. My name is Little Crow. We actually have a lot in common, seeing how we both like to fly.”

“You are right,” said Phil the Pilot. “My name is Phil the Pilot. I do enjoy flying very much. I enjoy the freedom of flying. I enjoy the peace.”

“I do too,” said Little Crow. “I know my grandmother misses flying. She is quite old now and she doesn’t fly as much as she used to.”

“Now,” said Phil the Pilot. “That is a shame.”

“I know she misses it,” said Little Crow.

“Yes,” said Phil the Pilot. “I imagine she does. Listen, I have to get some supplies from town. Bring your grandmother to where I landed my plane and I will take the two of you for a plane ride.”

“Grandma will love that,” said Little Crow. “Thank you so much.”

Little Crow coaxed Grandma to the air strip but he didn’t tell her what Phil the Pilot had told him.

“Nice plane,” said Grandma. “However, I don’t know why we are here.”

“Here he comes now,” said Little Crow, seeing Phil the Pilot with several bags of groceries in his hands.

“You must be Grandma,” said Phil the Pilot. “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” asked Grandma, confused.

“Phil the Pilot has offered to take us for an airplane ride,” explained Little Crow.

“Oh my!” cried Grandma. “That would be wonderful. At my age, I don’t get to fly much these days.”

Phil the Pilot made sure Grandma and Little Crow were both buckled in and then up in the air they went.

“Will you look at the beautiful autumn colours?” Grandma said, pointing to a forest of brightly coloured maple trees below. “They are just beautiful!”

“They certainly are,” said Phil the Pilot.

“Thank you so much for this,” said Grandma, when Phil the Pilot landed the plane about an hour later. “You have no idea how much I enjoyed that.”

“I do understand,” said Phil the Pilot, helping Grandma out of the plane. “There will be a day when I become too old to fly and that will be a sad day.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to help out the elderly.
  • Example: Phil the Pilot gave Little Crow and his grandmother a ride in his plane after learning that Grandma is having a hard time flying now because of her age.

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