Phil the Pilot – Character Insight

I created Phil the Pilot as part of my Canadian Trades/Professions group of characters. I created him because he leads an adventurous life and he loves to travel. I, too, love to travel and I would someday like to do a lot more traveling. There are so many beautiful and interesting places in this world that I want to see.

Phil is a loner and that is how he chooses to live his life. He would much rather be up in the air than going to ball games or hockey games.

Pilots are an important profession in Canada. Canada has at least one airport in most of its major cities. Besides commercial pilots like Phil, there is also a need for pilots to fly helicopters and cargo jets.

Character Pit

Phil the Pilot

Travelin' Rick
Travelin’ Rick

Pit Questions and Answers

  1. Which character has a jealous tendency?
    – There wouldn’t be any jealousy between these two characters. They are both enjoying their jobs at Storyland very much.
  2. Which character have I written about the most?
    – I have written about Travelin’ Rick the most and that is because he has been on Storyland for a very long time. Phil the Pilot is a brand new character.
  3. Which character feels like they are treated fairly?
    – These two characters probably have the best jobs within Storyland so I do believe they would both feel they are being treated fairly.
  4. Do these two characters like each other?
    – Because these characters love to travel, yes, I do believe they would like each other.
  5. Which character is closer to my heart?
    – I do think Travelin’ Rick is closer to my heart because he has been a staple character on Storyland.
  6. How are these characters similar to one another?
    – These two characters are similar because they both love to travel.
  7. How are these characters different from one another?
    – The difference between these two characters is that Phil the Pilot would travel by plane and Travelin’ Rick, well, he could chose any form of transportation to travel.
  8. Will I be writing future stories about these two characters?
    – Absolutely!

To sum up the character pit between Phil the Pilot and Travelin’ Rick, I can see these two characters running into each other in upcoming stories because they do both frequent airports all over Storyland.

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