The Nightmares

Veteran Phil went to sleep early. He had a busy day the next morning. He was chosen to give a speech at the Remembrance Day service. He wanted to feel fresh and rested.

Veteran Phil had a rough couple of days, while writing his speech. It brought back memories of his time he spent in the trenches. He had been having nightmares.

“Did you have another nightmare last night?” Veteran Phil’s wife, Mary, asked him, seeing that he looked distraught.

“I would rather not talk about it,” said Veteran Phil.

“I am worried about you,” said Mary. “I can tell you are having nightmares again. It might be better if you talked about it.”

“What do you want me to talk about?” asked Veteran Phil. “The many days and nights I spent in the cold and damp trenches. The screams of men all around. The sound of guns blasting.”

“Oh dear!” cried Mary. “I had no idea it was that bad. Are you sure you want to do this speech?”

“I am sorry Mary,” said Veteran Phil. “I shouldn’t have said that. As for the speech, yes, I have to do it, for all my friends and comrades who never made it out of the trenches.”

“I am glad you told me,” said Mary. “I can only imagine what you went through.”

“This speech is bringing back all these memoires and I have been having nightmares,” said Veteran Phil. “However, it is also good therapy for me. Maybe once I finish writing this speech and have all my fears and memories on paper, maybe, just maybe, the nightmares will stop.”

Mary gave her husband a big hug and it was that hug that helped Veteran Phil wash away his fears and his nightmares. He hugged Mary back with tears pouring down his face, happy tears.


Moral of this Story:

  • The after affects of war are horrible.
  • Example: Veteran Phil was having nightmares because he had to write a speech for Remembrance Day.
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