Wash and Shampoo

Joseph was trying to block Shaggy Dog from getting out the door while he was trying to speak with the delivery man about a missing package. He knew there was a big mud puddle just outside of the barn from the autumn rain in past couple of days.

“No!” screamed Joseph when Shaggy Dog was finally able to escape. “Shaggy Dog please come back!”

Joseph knew Shaggy Dog would find the mud puddle but he had to get the missing package straightened out. He also knew there was no sense yelling at Shaggy Dog because he wasn’t going to listen.

As soon as Joseph was finished with the delivery driver, he went outside. He went directly to the barn. He grabbed the big metal washtub and Shaggy Dog’s shampoo.

While he was filling the tub, Joseph saw Shaggy Dog out of the corner of his eye. Shaggy Dog was covered in mud from his head to his toes. He looked so funny.

Joseph had to try his hardest not to laugh at Shaggy Dog because that would have sent the wrong message to him.

It took Joseph two hours and four tubs of clean water to get all that mud off Shaggy Dog.

As soon as Shaggy Dog was clean, he was going to go right back over to the mud puddle. Joseph quickly put Shaggy’s collar on him and took him up to the house, closing the door as quickly as he could.


Moral of this Story:

  • Dogs do like to get muddy, no matter what.
  • Example: Shaggy Dog tried so hard to get outside so he could go play in the mud.

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