Bucket of Rusty Nails

It was a blustery autumn day. John and Patricia were down at the barn doing some repairs to the far north wall. Their rust coloured dog, Rusty was with them.

“Thank you for helping me with the north wall today,” said John. “I know it is going to be a lot of work.”

“You are welcome,” said Patricia. “I know we have to get this done before winter.”

“Yes,” said John. “It is going to save us some money on our heating bill once we have this wall properly insulated.”

John took his hammer and motioned for Patricia to hand him some nails out of a bucket he had set on the floor. Rusty saw the bucket and saw Patricia hand John a nail. He knew where there was another bucket just like that one. He was pretty sure there were some nails in it.

Rusty wanted to be helpful so he went to the back of the barn and found the bucket. Sure enough, there were some nails in it. Rusty dragged the bucket to the barn. It was heavy for him but he did manage to do it.

“Oh my!” cried Patricia, seeing what Rusty had done. “John, look. Rusty brought you a bucket of nails.”

“He brought me a bucket of rusty nails,” said John, laughing.

“That is his way of helping,” said Patricia as Rusty jumped up and licked her.

“Oh I know,” said John, picking out a few of the nails that weren’t too badly rusted. “He went to a lot of trouble to bring me this bucket so I have to use some of them.”

“I agree,” said Patricia, patting Rusty on the head. “You are such a good dog!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be thankful if someone tries their best to help you.
  • Example: Rusty dragged a bucket of rusty nails into the barn. It was his way of helping.

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