Poor Mountain Family’s Happiest Christmas

“Poor Mountain Brother,” called Poor Mountain Mother. “You are going to be late for school. Today is report card day and your last day before the Christmas holidays.”

“I think he is sick,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I went in his room and he was still sleeping.”

“Oh dear,” said Poor Mountain Mother, running up the stairs. “I better check on him.”

Poor Mountain Mother saw right away that Poor Mountain Brother was sick.

“Poor Mountain Sister,” she called. “Please get on the bus.”

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

Once Poor Mountain Sister had left the house, Poor Mountain Mother bundled Poor Mountain Brother up, put him into the truck and drove him to the emergency department.

“I am sorry,” said the doctor after he examined Poor Mountain Brother. “He has a bad case of the flu. We are going to keep him here for a few days.”

“My poor boy,” said Poor Mountain Mother, cradling Poor Mountain Brother in her arms. “You have to get better. Christmas is coming.”

Once Poor Mountain Brother was settled in his hospital room, Poor Mountain Mother called Poor Mountain Father. He was working at the local lumber mill.

“I will pick Poor Mountain Sister up from school and we will be right there,” said Poor Mountain Father.

The Poor Mountain Family sat with Poor Mountain Brother. They refused to leave his side.

Poor Mountain Sister took her notebook out of her backpack and carefully tore out a page from the back of it. She wrote a letter to Santa.

Dear Santa:
I wrote you a letter the other day. I don’t want you to bring me any presents this year. All I want for Christmas is my brother to get better. I love him more than anything.
Love, Poor Mountain Sister.

A nurse came into the room and saw the letter. She offered to mail it to Santa.

“Thank you,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“That is very kind of you,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

The Poor Mountain Family saw that by morning, Poor Mountain Brother as slowly improving.

“I bet it is because of your letter,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“I hope so,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

By the next evening, Poor Mountain Brother had recovered completely. He was allowed to go home the next morning. Christmas morning came and Poor Mountain Sister was shocked to see so many gifts under the tree.

“I told Santa I didn’t want these,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“You enjoy them,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “What you did for your brother was so unselfish. Santa knew that and these gifts are your rewards. Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”

The Poor Mountain Family were very happy. They had the happiest Christmas they ever have had.

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