Pirate Pete and a Christmas Bonus

Pirate Pete was in the cabin of his ship. He was counting his money.

“I can’t believe it!” exclaimed Pirate Pete, happily. “There is a lot more money here than I thought.”

“Does that mean that we are going to get a Christmas bonus this year?” asked Pirate Pete’s crew mate, Slappy.

“And a raise too,” said his other crew mate, Rusty.

“Do you think you deserve a Christmas bonus?” asked Pirate Pete, totally ignoring Rusty’s comment about a raise.

“Yes,” said Slappy. “I think I deserve a Christmas bonus. I have worked very hard for you this year.”

“And why do you deserve a Christmas bonus?” asked Pirate Pete, staring right into Rusty’s eyes.

“Personally,” said Rusty. “I would much rather have a raise.”

“Do you know what the Pirate’s Code of Ethics is?” asked Pirate Pete.

“Let me see,” said Rusty. “A pirate will steal whenever he can. A pirate will not get caught. A pirate will only drink rum and a pirate will never be rude to a woman.”

“There is one more,” said Slappy.

“It is the most important one,” said Pirate Pete, angrily. “And, you just broke it.”

“What is it?” asked Rusty. “I only knew of those ones.”

“Where is your copy of it?” asked Pirate Pete.

Rusty pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper from his back pocket. He read it over to himself.

“I only see the ones I said already,” said Rusty, starting to sweat.

“It is right at the bottom,” said Slappy, pointing to the line of writing that was very small.

“A pirate will never ask for a raise,” Rusty read in a nervous, squeaky voice.

“That’s the one,” said Pirate Pete.

“How was I to know that was even there?” asked Rusty, almost in tears. “It is much too small to read.”

Slappy started to laugh and so did Pirate Pete.

“Turn the paper over,” said Slappy. “Read was is at the bottom on the other side.”

“A pirate can ask for a raise just before Christmas,” said Rusty.

“You were so nervous,” said Pirate Pete, still laughing.

“I bet he thought he was going to be fired,” laughed Slappy.

“I did think that,” said Rusty.

Pirate Pete handed Slappy and Rusty a handful of coins each. That was their Christmas bonus.

“Merry Christmas,” said Pirate Pete.

“What about the raise?” asked Rusty.

“It will be on your next cheque,” said Pirate Pete.

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Rusty happily.

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