Mr. Nailhead’s Important Christmas Job

“It is almost Christmas,” said Mr. Rodgers, to Steven, his young employee.

“Yes,” said Steven. “Just a few weeks away. By the way, they are putting up the Christmas tree downtown tonight. Are you going?”

“I am,” said Mr. Rodgers. “Mr. Nailhead has been asked to hold up the Christmas tree this year.”

“Is that right,” said Steven. “He is becoming quite popular these days.”

“He sure is,” said Mr. Rodgers. “He is a very important nail and to think I found him under a board at the garage.”

“He has done wonders for your business,” said Steven. “He has made you a millionaire.”

“I have so much money now,” said Mr. Rodgers. “I save Mr. Nailhead for special jobs now.”

“He sure has cut down on my workload,” said Steven.

“Mine too,” said Mr. Rodgers. “All I have to do is hammer him into a board and in ten minutes, the building is constructed.”

“Are Mr. Nailhead’s headaches getting any better?” asked Steven.

“No,” said Mr. Rodgers. “I am getting quite concerned about that. It can’t be good to get hit on the head so many times.”

“You need to soften the blow to his head,” said Steven. “You should use a piece of foam on top of his head.”

“I wonder if that would work,” said Mr. Rodgers. “I will try that tonight.”

“Yes,” said Steven. “Good idea!”

“Where are we going?” asked Mr. Nailhead, when Mr. Rodgers took him out of his case.

“You have a very important job tonight,” said Mr. Rodgers. “We are going downtown. You are going to hold up this years Christmas tree.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mr. Nailhead. “I am so excited.”

“I want to give you a piece of foam for the top of your head,” said Mr. Rodgers. “I want to see if that will help with your headaches.”

Mr. Rodgers taped a piece of foam onto Mr. Nailhead’s head.

“I have a hat on,” laughed Mr. Nailhead.

“Wait a second,” said Mr. Rodgers, going downstairs to the basement to get a can of red paint.

Mr. Rodgers painted the piece of foam red.

“Now I am a Christmas nail,” said Mr. Nailhead.

“Yes,” said Mr. Rodgers. “Yes you are.”

Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Nailhead went downtown. Everyone cheered when the saw Mr. Rodgers show up.

“Mr. Nailhead!” shouted the crowd.

Mr. Rodgers climbed the tall ladder behind the Christmas tree. He tapped Mr. Nailhead lightly at first and then he smacked him hard. Mr. Rodgers did not hear any screaming.

“That was much better,” said Mr. Nailhead. “I hardly felt it.”

“I told you I would take care of you,” said Mr. Rodgers.

“Presents!” shouted the children in the crowd.

Christmas presents were flying out from underneath the tree, one for each child.

“Great idea,” said Mr. Rodgers to Mr. Nailhead.

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Mr. Nailhead.

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