Pea Pod’s Green Christmas

“It is much too warm for this time of the year,” said Farmer Ted, coming into the house for dinner. “There has not been a sign of snow at all. Christmas is only a few weeks away.”

“I have never seen it so warm at this time of the year,” said his wife, Sue, dishing out Farmer Ted’s dinner.

“We love it,” said Daddy Pea Pod.

“Everything is so green,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “Green is our favourite colour.”

“Yes,” said Farmer Ted. “We are well aware that green is your favourite colour.”

Just then, Farmer Ted’s neighbour came to the door. Farmer Ted answered the door.

“Farmer Stan,” said Farmer Ted. “It is so nice to see you.”

“Thank you,” said Farmer Stan.

“Come in and have some dinner,” said Farmer Ted.

“I ate already,” said Farmer Stan and then seeing the Pea Pod family, added, “Don’t worry. I didn’t eat any peas. As a matter of fact, I have stopped eating peas.”

“Good to hear,” said Daddy Pea Pod.

Farmer Ted and Sue did not eat any more peas after they discovered the Pea Pod family. They don’t like it when others eat peas.

“Yes,” said Sue, from the kitchen. “That is good to hear.”

“What do you think of this weather we are having?” asked Farmer Stan.

“I really wish we had some snow,” said Farmer Ted. “I want it to be a white Christmas.”

“I can’t say that I have ever prayed for snow,” said Farmer Stan. “But I have been this year. Christmas just won’t be the same.”

“I can’t understand why all you people want snow,” said Mommy Pea Pod.

“Yeah,” said Daddy Pea Pod. “We love the green out there. We hope it will be a green Christmas.”

“I see we have a difference of opinion,” said Farmer Stan.

“The Pea Pods love everything green,” said Farmer Ted. “It doesn’t matter what it is.”

“I see,” said Farmer Stan.

“I understand about their love of green,” said Sue, drying her hands on a tea towel while coming out into the dining room. “However, I want a white Christmas and so does a lot of people. Christmas is not the same without snow.”

“Well,” said Daddy Pea Pod. “If it snows for Christmas, it snows. We will be happy if it doesn’t.”

The Pea Pods got their wish that year. There was not a drop of snow at all during the Christmas season. They were overwhelmed with their green Christmas.

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