Mr. Nailhead

Mr. Rodgers was a construction foreman who lived in Calgary, Alberta. He was a very hard working man, who had very strong work values.

“It is a nice day today,” said Mr. Rodgers, getting into his truck to drive to the garage he owns. “It will be good that I can get some work done today.”

It had rained for most of the summer and that was hurting the construction business. Every nice day was a good day for work as far as Mr. Rodgers was concerned.

Mr. Rodgers was constructing a building just outside of Calgary. He loaded up the lumber he would need from his garage and when he got down to the last board, something very shiny caught his eye. He bent down to pick it up and when he placed it in his hand, it started to warm up.

“That is a very strange looking nail,” said Mr. Rodgers, looking at the object he had just picked up.

Mr. Rodgers stuffed the nail into his pocket.

“Don’t leave me in here,” Mr. Rodgers heard. “I don’t like being in a pocket. I am a very expensive nail and I will bring good luck to any construction job you use me on.”

Mr. Rodgers pulled the nail out of his pocket, got into his truck and set the nail down in an empty cup holder. Mr. Rodgers started up the truck and drove away.

“Where are we going?” asked the nail.

“We are going to work,” said Mr. Rodgers. “I can’t believe I am actually talking to a nail.”

“I am not just any nail,” said the nail. “I am a very special nail. I am made from the most expensive steel there is. My name is Mr. Nailhead and I will bring you good luck…”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Mr. Rodgers. “You already said that.”

Mr. Rodgers pulled into the parking lot of the construction site. One of his young employees, Steven, came over and helped Mr. Rodgers unload his truck.

“We need a miracle for this job,” said Steven.

“Why do you say that?” asked Mr. Rodgers.

“Well,” said Steven. “We are so far behind on this job and our budget is shot.”

“I have a solution,” said Mr. Rodgers going back to his truck.

“I hope it’s a good one,” said Steven.

Mr. Rodgers took Mr. Nailhead out of the truck and showed him to Steven.

“It just looks like an ordinary nail to me,” said Steven.

“I’m not just an ordinary nail,” said Mr. Nailhead. “I will bring good luck to any building you construct.”

“How?” asked Mr. Rodgers.

“All you have t do is nail me into any board and I will finish the job for you,” explained Mr. Nailhead. “When the job is done, just pull me out and save me for the next one.”

Mr. Rodgers took Mr. Nailhead over to the building. He took his hammer and started hammering. Mr. Nailhead was screaming in pain.

“Are you okay?” asked Mr. Rodgers.

“No,” said Mr. Nailhead. “I’m not okay. How would you like to be smacked on head? Give the hammer one good smack and get this over with.”

Mr. Rodgers did as he was told. Mr. Nailhead was into the board as far as he could go.

“I don’t see anything happening,” said Mr. Rodgers. “Is this some kind of joke?”

“No joke,” said Mr. Nailhead, rubbing the top of his head. “Go around to the front of the building.”

Mr. Rodgers and Steven walked around to the front of the building. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Boards were flying in every direction and in under ten minutes the building was completed.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Steven. “You have a goldmine in that nail.”

Mr. Rodgers couldn’t believe it. Mr. Nailhead was a miracle.

“Thank you so much,” said Mr. Rodgers, when he pulled Mr. Nailhead out. “This is incredible.”

“All I ask in return is that you take good care of me,” said Mr. Nailhead.

Mr. Rodgers went and purchased a special case to place Mr. Nailhead in.

“I will take good care of you forever,” said Mr. Rodgers.

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