“Shaggy Dog,” said Joseph early one beautiful autumn morning. “I know it is nice outside today and there aren’t going to be too many more nice autumn days left but something is telling me to keep you inside today.”

Joseph is very particular about letting Shaggy Dog outside. Shaggy Dog is a Komandor breed of dog. His fur makes him look like a mop head.

Shaggy Dog started whining and then he scratched at the door.

“I am sorry,” said Joseph. “I know you want to go outside. I just don’t want to spend hours cleaning and brushing you if you happen to get muddy or have an encounter with a porcupine.”

Shaggy Dog sat by Joseph and he gave Joseph the saddest look. Joseph felt bad for Shaggy Dog and he was just about going to let him go outside but then he smelled an old familiar smell.

“A skunk!” cried Joseph, quickly going around and closing all the windows in the house.

Shaggy Dog got a whiff of the skunk smell too and he tried to hide his nose.

“Now you see why I didn’t want you to go outside,” said Joseph, patting Shaggy Dog on his head.


Moral of this Story:

  • Pay attention to what your pets are trying to tell you.
  • Example: Shaggy Dog got a whiff of the smell of a skunk and did not want to go outside.

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