Apartment 8 – Christmas Flood

Lost Christmas Tree was a little bit discouraged. He saw that he only had one more apartment to check on the third floor. He still had the first two floors to check though.

Lost Christmas Tree was trying to find out which apartment he was supposed to be spending Christmas at. He went to the door of Apartment 8 and knocked on the door.

“I hear water running,” said Lost Christmas Tree.

Nobody was answering the door. Lost Christmas Tree put his ear to the door and the sound of water dripping was even stronger. While leaning on the door, Lost Christmas Tree noticed the door was open.

“Hello,” Lost Christmas Tree called out. “Is anyone home?”

There was no answer. Lost Christmas Tree entered the apartment. He saw water was dripping from a pipe in the ceiling.

“Oh dear,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “There will be a flood unless I can stop the water.”

Lost Christmas Tree saw a large pail in the corner of the apartment. He set the pail under the pipe. Then he went to find the building manager.

“Thank you so much for letting me know,” said the building manager. “I will turn the water valve off and get that leaky pipe fixed. You prevented a Christmas flood.”

Lost Christmas Tree was proud of himself. However, he still had to find the apartment he was supposed to spend Christmas at so he waved goodbye to the building manager and he took the stairs to the second floor of the Christmas Building.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to try to stop water from causing a flood.
  • Example: Lost Christmas Tree noticed a water leak so he put a pail under it and got hold of the building manager.

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