Autumn Preserves

Patricia was in the kitchen of the ranch house that she and her husband, John owned. She was busy making preserves. She and John tried to live off the land and eat as much food as they can that they grew.

“Oh dear,” said Patricia when she dropped some of the onion that she had been chopping onto the floor.

She quickly bent down and picked it up. She just finished putting that bit of onion in the garbage when she felt a cold, wet tongue on her cheek.

“Oh Rusty,” laughed Patricia, petting her rust coloured dog on the head. “You are the silliest dog.”

Patricia’s husband, John, came into the kitchen to grab a sandwich and a glass of milk for lunch. Rusty went up to him and licked him on the cheek too.

“He sure does love licking us,” laughed John.

“He certainly does,” said Patricia.

John had some mustard on his lips from his sandwich and when he kissed Patricia on the cheek before heading back outside, he saw he had left mustard on Patricia’s cheek. He grabbed a wet cloth and was just going to wipe her cheek when Rusty jumped up and licked the mustard.

“Look at the look on his face,” laughed John seeing Rusty with a sour look. “Rusty, you are priceless.”

“I bet he won’t lick my cheek for a while,” laughed Patricia.

Rusty didn’t like the taste of the mustard. He didn’t lick anyone for the rest of that day.


Moral of this Story:

  • Mustard can be sour tasting.
  • Example: Rusty found out the hard way what mustard tastes like and he really didn’t like the taste of it.

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