Apartment 9 – Christmas Mouse

Lost Christmas Tree was still searching for the apartment in the Christmas Building that he was to be spending Christmas at. So far, he didn’t have any luck on the third floor so, he walked down the hallway to the stairs and he was now going to start his search on the second floor.

He saw the door to Apartment 9. He knocked on it. Lost Christmas Tree stood at the door for a few minutes.

“It looks like this apartment is vacant,” said Lost Christmas Tree.

Lost Christmas Tree thought he heard a noise. He put his ear to the door. He heard a little squeaking noise.

“It sounds like there is a mouse in there,” said Lost Christmas Tree.

Lost Christmas Tree did not like mice. He hoped Apartment 9 did not have a mouse infestation.

“I’d better tell the building manager,” said Lost Christmas Tree.

Lost Christmas Tree saw the building manager in the stairwell.

“I think there is a mouse in Apartment 9,” said Lost Christmas Tree.

“Oh,” said the building manager. “Apartment 9 is my apartment. You must have heard Christmas Mouse. I am glad he is still there.”

“Christmas Mouse,” repeated Lost Christmas Tree. “Am I missing something?”

“Christmas Mouse is my pet,” said the building manager. “I got him for Christmas last year. I was cleaning his cage this morning and he escaped on me.”

“Oh dear,” laughed Lost Christmas Tree. “I am glad we got that sorted out. I am glad there isn’t a mouse infestation.”

“You never have to worry about that,” laughed the building manager.

Lost Christmas Tree knew Apartment 9 was not the apartment he was going to spend Christmas at. He knew he would still have to continue his search.


Moral of this Story:

  • Some people do keep mice as pets.
  • Example: Lost Christmas Tree was worried Apartment 9 had a mouse infestation.

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