Summer Kindness

Joseph let Shaggy Dog go outside and play. After all, it was a warm summer day and Joseph was confident there was no mud for Shaggy Dog to get into for miles around.

Joseph came up to the house around noon hour and was surprised that Shaggy Dog wasn’t there.

“Don ‘t tell me that he found some mud to play in,” said Joseph, hopping into his truck.

Joseph drove up the road, calling for Shaggy Dog out the window of the truck but he didn’t see or hear anything. He got to a bend in the road and was going to turn around and go the other way when he saw Shaggy Dog walking along the side of the road with a little girl beside him.

“Amy!” exclaimed Joseph, recognizing the little girl as being the daughter of their new neighbour. “Are you okay?”

“I was lost,” said Amy, patting Shaggy Dog on the head. “But Shaggy Dog is helping me.”

“Shaggy Dog,” said Joseph, after Amy was delivered home, safe and sound. “I am so proud of you. Here, I thought you were out playing in some mud!”

Joseph gave Shaggy Dog a shiny new bone as a reward for helping Amy.

“You are such a good dog,” said Joseph, patting him on the head.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t always assume the worst is going to happen.
  • Example: Joseph thought Shaggy Dog was playing in the mud but, he was actually helping their new neighbours daughter.

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