Carrot Top

One evening, after band practise, Christopher Corn and Calvin Carrot were sitting outside of the barn. They were enjoying a cool mid-summer breeze.

“It sure is a beautiful evening,” said Christopher.

“Yes,” said Calvin. “It sure is.”

“So,” said Christopher, after much thought. “What is it like to be a carrot?”

“It is actually a lot of fun,” said Calvin. “The girls like my carrot top head of hair.”

Christopher walked over to where Calvin was sitting. He ran his fingers through Calvin’s thick green carrot top.

“My hair is better,” laughed Christopher, running his hand through his own long, corn silk hair.

Calvin stood up, went over to Christopher and ran his hand through Christopher’s hair. He couldn’t believe how soft and silky it was.

“I guess you are right,” said Calvin, knowing here was no way he could ever compete with Christopher’s hair.

“Told you,” laughed Christopher.

“So,” laughed Calvin. “What is it like to be a cob of corn?”

Christopher was laughing along with Calvin so hard that he never did answer Calvin’s question.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is fun to be able to laugh over silly things like who has the better hair.
  • Example: Christopher Corn has softer and silkier hair than Calvin Carrot.


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