Pirate Pete in the Summer Seas

“It is nice to be sailing out on the open seas,” said Pirate Pete, holding his ship’s steering wheel with one hand and a bottle of rum in the other. “What a beautiful warm summer day!”

“It is beautiful,” said Pirate Pete’s crewmate, Slappy. “I do think you should put down that bottle of rum and hold onto the steering wheel tightly. You could lose control of the ship if a gust of wind came along.”

“Oh,” said Pirate Pete. “I suppose you are right. A gust of wind could come out of nowhere.”

Pirate Pete took a sip of his rum and was going to set it down, when all of a sudden, a big gust of wind just happened to come along. The gust of wind thought a huge wave with it.

“Don’t you dare put water in my rum!” cried Pirate Pete at the wave.

It was too late. The wave splashed up against the side of the ship causing a mist to hit Pirate Pete in the face and also fill his bottle of rum full of water.

“I guess I shouldn’t have taken that last sip of rum,” said Pirate Pete.

“I suppose not,” said Slappy. “It looks to me like that was the oceans way of diluting your rum.”

“Yes,” said Pirate Pete, holding up the bottle of rum to the sun. “There’s not much rum left in this bottle now. I suppose it is time for me to quit drinking.”

“I would say that is a good idea,” said Slappy.

“I don’t have much of a choice,” said Pirate Pete. “That was my last bottle.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you know when enough is enough.
  • Example: Pirate Pete had a bottle of rum but a big wave came along and filled it full of water.
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